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Schedule an in-home massage with Steve Cartlidge, an experienced, licensed massage therapist who has over 25 years experience in multiple modalities. Everything is provided: table, padding, linens, table warmer, hot stones, lotion and music. All that's needed from you is the length of massage requested, the time you'd like to start, and your location. A space of approximately 10 feet by 8 feet will be needed in order to set up the table. Arrival is prompt, usually a few minutes prior to your requested time in order to set up and be ready to begin at the time you have requested. 

The cost of your massage is based on the length of massage you select as well as your location. It's normally $100 for an hour and $150 for 90 minutes, assuming you are in reasonable driving distance (25-30 miles) and there are no stairs to navigate. Compare the cost of your massage to the rates charged by the the massage apps such as Zeel, Soothe and Big Toe and you will find the cost is very competitive. Couples massage is also available with my female partner with enough prior notice. 

Feel free to call or text 817-946-9397 with any questions you may have. For a price quote, please remember to state the length of massage you want, your address (zip code is fine), and if you are in a home or an apartment. For apartments, please let us know if you are on a second floor or higher and if there is an elevator. Once we are confirmed, you can provide your exact physical address and any other details needed in order to locate the premises. 

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